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SPOR data management services

Delivering quality data management services for substances, products, organisations and referentials (SPOR) to power EU regulatory activities.

The four SPOR data management services are:

OMS and RMS are the first services to go live and they provide the data foundations for PMS and SMS.

SMS and PMS are not currently activated. More information on the implementation of SPOR data management services is available on the EMA corporate website.

The SPOR portal provides users with the following data management services:

Data management and data quality processes drive the SPOR data management services to ensure that the highest quality of data is available to support EU regulatory processes.

Access to SPOR

Use the links in the navigation panel above to access OMS and RMS.

Please use the menus in the navigation panel to navigate RMS and OMS with 'read-only' access to SPOR.

You will need an EMA account with SPOR user roles to conduct additional tasks, such as requesting changes to data, translating data or managing user preferences.

If you already have an active account for any EMA-hosted website or online application, you should use the same credentials to log in.

If you do not already have an EMA account, you need to create an EMA account and request the specific SPOR user roles you require.

Please check if you are able to log in before registering as a new user with SPOR.

Registered users can log in using the button at the top of the page.

Using SPOR

For more information about using SPOR see "About SPOR data management services". This document provides details on:

  • SPOR projects;
  • access policy and user roles;
  • customer support;
  • data content;
  • copyright;
  • data protection.
Related information

For further information about EMA’s implementation of SPOR and the ISO IDMP standards, please see the EMA corporate website. This also includes key business and technical documents.